As a church, we emphasise the oneness in Christ and discourage too much emphasis on specialised ministries. This is because we believe an overemphasis on age-group and specialised ministries has segmented the church rather that united it.

Ministry Descriptions
Below is a description of the ministries of NCBC. “

Admin & Secretarial
What it is: Maintain the church’s records, correspondence, and financial administration.

What it is: Provide discipleship and fellowship times for senior saints.

What it is: Strengthen the evangelism of the church’s members.

Events, Hospitality & Fellowship
What it is: Encourage church-wide fellowship.

What it is: See to the security, repair, maintenance and renovation of church facilities.

Ladies’ Meetings
What it is: Provide discipleship specific to women’s roles and responsibilities

What it is: Providing written & audio-visual resources for discipleship.

What it is: Comfort and strengthen suffering church members.

Men’s Meetings

What it is: Provide discipleship, encouraging men in their roles and responsibilities

Media, Web, Recording & Printing
What it is: Producing NCBC-related media.

What it is: Promote the ministries of NCBC’s supported missionaries.

What it is: Provide instrumental and vocal music for corporate worship, and disciple
believers in their musical knowledge and discernment.

Sunday School
What it is: Disciple those attending the 9:00am Discipleship hour.

Ushering, Set-Up
What it is: Provide assistance and structure for services.

What it is: Provide discipleship specific to high-school age youth.