At New Covenant Baptist, we do not seek ministries for the mere sake of having them. Our desire is that every ministry plays a part in the sanctification (spiritual growth) process of the believers attending. Every ministry is a discipleship ministry – seeking to grow believers into the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Each ministry that operates exists because we believe it fulfils a crucial role in the life of the believers God has brought in. We believe that all believers, young and old, should have the opportunity to worship together in the public services of the church.

Ministry and Membership
While we welcome participation from all, ministry is really a function of believers. It is the
believers in a church that are to serve one another. Membership does not make you believer, but it publicly identifies you as one. With that extra accountability and mutual understanding, the church is able to entrust you with greater responsibility. Certain tasks demand more accountability, particularly if you are entrusted with teaching others or otherwise representing Christ and NCBC. For that reason, non-members will be limited in how much they can participate in ministry. We encourage all believers who count NCBC their spiritual home, and who desire to serve, to pursue membership.

All those who serve in NCBC serve as ambassadors of Christ. Therefore, those who publicly serve in Christ’s church are expected to simply uphold the membership covenant they made.
Attendance. Faithfulness to the Lord’s Day meetings is expected, and effort to attend a Wednesday group.
Punctuality. The old maxim says, “Aim to be on time, and you’ll be late. Aim to be early, and you’ll be on time. Aim to be very early, and you’ll be early.”
Dress. All believers should dress in ways that adorn the Gospel. While the externals are not to be our focus, externals that are distracting or confusing are not loving to our neighbours. Simply remember that we gather to exalt Christ, not to draw attention to ourselves.