In 2001, church-planters from the States came to Johannesburg. Their goal was to assist local churches in their outreach. However, as time went by, they saw the great need for sound local churches in Johannesburg.

On May 25th 2003, with the help of another church-planter and a national who would later become the senior pastor, they held the first service of New Covenant Baptist Church. Meeting in a community centre, the Lord chose to add many people in a short amount of time.

In July 2004, the church ordained its first national pastor.

Meeting originally in a recreation centre in Sandringham, it was forced to move to a rented chapel in 2006, to a bowling club in January 2008, to a primary school in September of 2008. Finally, in 2017, the church was blessed with its own facilities.

New Covenant continues on, trusting that past and present grace are evidence for much future grace to come!